Our core is to offer outstanding Customer Service in Market Research projects in Latin America. We use traditional research techniques for the data collection process. We do our work the old-fashioned way, using today’s technology.

We go to Real People. We visit Real People in their households and offices to administer a questionnaire. We intercept Real People on the streets to invite them to answer a survey in an internet coffee shop. We ask Real People in a supermarket to respond to an online questionnaire in our tablets. We invite Real People to focus groups facilities. In summary, our work involves interaction with Real People.

My Partner is long time researcher Andrea “Andy” Ramos (andy@lechter.co). She manages all fieldwork and logistics operations in Mexico and South Cone countries in South America including Brazil. Andy is proficient in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

I, ilan@lechter.co will be your project manager for studies conducted in Central America and the CaribbeanColombiaVenezuelaEcuador and Peru.


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Focus Groups


Home Visits

Mini Groups

In-depth interviews


In-home personal interviews

Central location interviews

Telephone Interviews




Online communities

Online studies


Social listening



Lechter has being involved in more than 1,000 product tests in Latin America for categories such us Food (cold cuts, ice cream, candy, snacks, dairy products, frozen food, cooking oil, margarine, salt, sugar), Beverages (sodas, juices, powered drinks, ice tea, energy drinks, malts, coffee, cocoa, hot tea), Alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, aguardiente, rum), Personal care products (shampoo, soap bars, deodorant, diapers, wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, condoms, natural medicines, makeup, perfumes), Household products (powered detergents, liquid detergents, cleaners), Vehicles (motorcycles, scooters, cars).


We can diagnose your business needs and find the best solution for your company, in areas such:

Data analysis

Artificial Intelligence




Brand Development

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